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What’s With This Verichip? By: Kellie Dammar

I found this article exciting since it discusses a topic which is pertinent to our society. The verichip is talked about in Kelly’ article and it shows the upcoming technology advancements which potentially might be introduced into our society. This is a big deal since the chip allows access to medical records and even can pinpoint locations of Alzheimer patients and even lost dogs. Even through the possible health and privacy concerns this chip is being positively publicized. However, from its descriptions, I find it somewhat controversial because of the similarity to the “mark of the best” in the last days.

In the Mood For Ice Cream By: Heather Hughes

I liked Heather’s article since it provided new technology which a sense of humor. I thought the ice cream was an interesting invention simple since it gives the individual a voice stress analysis. From that stress test the individual is proportioned out an amount of ice cream dependent upon the sadness in their voice. Although this machine might not be extremely useful for our society it still provides a technological advancement which has the potential to revolutionize our society in a sweet way.

Technology Adopter By: Natalie Rogers

I like Natalie’s observation on our society’s obsession with getting the latest, greatest things. Even though we all find ourselves wanting these different things, we have to ask ourselves about the practical uses which we can receive from these things. We have to be able to separate needs from wants. Just because something is new and up-to-date doesn’t mean that it is a necessity when you have something just like the new product.

 I’m Here For You By: Chris Norman

I liked this article because Chris talked about how technology has negatively affectively us. This is very different from other articles that I’ve read so far since most of them feel like technology allows us to be advanced. However, with his article he talks about how much time we waste on the interet with things that don’t matter. Many people spend countless hours on the internet for personal gratification only to waste time that could be spend on better things.

Every Morning There’s A Halo Hanging From The Corner Of My Girlfriend’s Four-Post Bed By Arielle Mobley

I liked this article since it discusses something very recent and new in our culture. Halo is a well-known video game which has got the attention of many people who are waiting to pick up their very own copy. This game is known to have more options in it that the last 2 versions which makes it one of the top games in technology. This game has set a precedent for adventure video games and has attracted many people to play the game.


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Cars: Luxury vs. Affordability

September 20, 2007 at 3:41 am (Uncategorized)

In today’s culture many people place high esteem on possessions. Many people are so set on getting a luxury or sports car than looking for a car with dependability. In America we are extremely blessed and a lot of the time we take those blessing for granted. In the world of fast cars and expensive vehicles, our focus becomes appearance instead of transportation.






 I believe that money should be spent wisely and not frivolously put into a car that could be easily destroyed. The money that we have should be conserved and invested into bigger things. Still through everything you should not put all your trust in possession since they will pass away. We cannot place our hope into material things because those things are temporary.

I think our culture puts too much emphasis on the newest technology and not enough on the simple necessities. These extra luxuries are portrayed in such an appealing way to our culture that we are almost brainwashed into thinking that we need certain things when in reality we don’t. Instead of having state-of-the-art stereo systems, Global Positioning Systems, and even backing-up cameras, I believe that it is better to take that excess money and invest it into things that will benefit you for the future. This is especially relevant since college requires a large sum of money. So in my opinion I believe that we need to watch our investments and wisely spend the money which we have.

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September 11, 2007 at 2:54 pm (Uncategorized)

The world today is drastically changing as television, music, and entertainment are constantly influencing our culture as well as our generation. The question I pose is, “Are these media influences positive or negative?” Many of our role models have become sex crazed, drug addicted stars who don’t truly know the extent of their impact and the examples which they are portraying for our youth today. We find Paris Hilton in jail after numerous DUI tickets, Lindsey Lohan in and out of Rehab for her coke possession, and even Owen Wilson attempting suicide, and even Brittney Spears going into rehab when she shaved her head. Many of today’s leading ladies are having illegitimate children which even justifies our culture to pursue relationships which aren’t monogamous.


Even on television and with movies we find the allowance of sexual innuendoes and cursing on a regular basis which comes in the form of “comedy”. America has truly lowered morals and standards and compromised them for revenue. You can easily find curse words in movies rated PG and almost complete nudity in movies which are rated PG-13. Now parents have to watch more closely what there children are exposed to since few G movies are even created anymore and even PG movies aren’t properly rated.

However, even though there are so many bad things about media, there are positive sides too. Television can provide good information and teach our children the right things to do. Still, those good and educational shows are rarely watched and traded for shows with more “entertaining” storylines. From these different things, I have found that media itself isn’t bad but, the people who are “role models” and “stars” have corrupted industry today and created a bad perspective of what life should be like..

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How are companies sucessful?

September 11, 2007 at 2:39 pm (Uncategorized)


So what makes a company successful and able to compete against other technology-producing companies? In my opinion, a business is able to be successful if they continuously surpass and improve upon their technology. If a company isn’t improving their technology they will eventually reach of point where they aren’t growing and they have a decline in buyers purchasing their products.

  Just like when I referred to the iPhone in my last blog, Apple is continuously adapting to the competitive market by improving its product and producing new ones. This consistent stream of new inventions has caused an increasing amount of consumers who purchase these products. Even when you make a comparison between an apple and dell computer, you find many who would choose the apple computer over the dell. Why is this? One example is that the Apple Company has created a computer which rarely get viruses often since it operates on Unix Kernel, which is one of the oldest and most secure operating systems. By doing this they have made a good operating computer with few problems. This is convenient since many people, who I’ve known, have spent hours upon hours trying to fix their hard drives and motherboards from viruses that have corrupted their computer system only to get another new computer.

   If dell caught onto a concept like this and instead of duplicating and adding on top of the faulty programming system they have, they would have an influx of consumers wanting to buy this new technology. If Dell or Gateway were to switch their system of doing things instead of being stagnent they would be one of the leading companies in technology today.

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Technology? Old vs. New

September 10, 2007 at 4:30 am (Uncategorized)

Technology has drastically increased over the years and has caused us to have more new inventive ways of doing every day chores.  We have almost everything at our fingertips and don’t have to work tediously to accomplish a day’s work anymore.

One thing which has caught my attention recently is this new iPhone. I found myself curious about this phone since it is the new trend. Many of it’s extra features are very compelling to even buy the phone at the ourageous price of $400. These captivating things have compelled us to pursue technology instead of desiring the bare necessities.

 Just like this picture, we have the idea that we need the lastest technology in our hands to be able to function as a person. 

 I feel like this phone is an example of how technology has consumed us as a culture and even disconnnected us from our family. Even today, conversation are surpassed by the use of internet and phones since it seems more convenient then spending quality “family time”.

Who want to miss out on exciting family gatherings like this??

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Why I am Doing This

September 4, 2007 at 12:57 pm (Uncategorized)

One of the reason why I am starting a blog is familiarize myself with different types of websites. By doing this, I am able to learn more about how to work with and edit web pages pertaining to different ideas. Blogging, is important since it helps you communicate with your peers and meet new people. It also helps you stay in contact with friends or even discuss different issues with other people. Blogging even allows you to speak your opinion on differnt topics or even talk about your experiences throughout the day. The potential of Blogging is unlimited and you can do almost anything you want to with it. During this semester, I want to accomplish a superior knowledge concerning websites and new technology. I want to be able to be able to navigate this website effortlessly as well as other websites. I think with this blogging website I will be able to accomplish this task and even learn more than I expected.

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